Adaptive Wakeboarding session with Alex & Nathan


Another amazing day in the water with these two stars, Alex and Nathan. Brave kids who do not the word "I will try but only I can do it".

It was great see these two kids ride and enjoy the water, Alex is an amputee and Nathan an hear impaired, both share a unique big motto, "I can do it!"
Determination and commitment should inspire many other people to stop to complain and to get out from home and challenge themselves.

I could not believe the strength of them, riding before on the boat for 20 minutes each and then 1 hour no stop on the cable!

The passion and the happiness of them made a different day for me and all the volunteers around.
Thanks to Wakeplus, addicted wake, Alps Italy, ArcticOne, Porzio Group for the support.
Thanks to Roland and Helen to bring Alex and Nathan in this new experience!

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