Adaptive Wakeboarding with Hannah & Kelly


Adaptive Wakeboarding Fyourlimit project

First adaptive wakeboarding training day with Hannah & Kelly, well done buddies!

I would like to briefly describe what I went through during this day. I believe the video below captures what this day has been, this journey for me and for these new adaptive riders.

I met Hannah & Kelly at my first Para Triathlon and we talked about my project and invited them to try it.

I loved their commitment and passion to face this challenge, and… here you go! They did, and they did really well.

I am so happy to have had the chance to live this opportunity, supporting them along this new path; and seeing their eyes and smiles I got one the most important things of the sport, happiness.

The sport is that, emotions and passion that come through our gestures and reactions.

Seeing them riding, fighting to achieve their goal with all the difficulties around convinced me more that all the effort in this project has been rewarded.

We shared a beautiful day at Wakeplus (Taplow Lake) where thanks to the support of a long list of people such as Jeff, Fraser, Luke, Lee… we did the best to make this happen, and it happened, leaving us with amazing memories captured on frames.

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I want to thanks to all the people and partners that helped to make this possible: Alps, ArcticOne, Wakeplus and Addicted Wake.

I want especially thanks to Hannah & Kelly that gave me the chance to introduce them to this sport, sharing my passion with them, giving me back the energy with their smiles and laughs. You did well! So proud of you, riders!

I really hope you will be the first of a long list of people that will share with us this amazing sport.

Live and love your limitless life because, you are your unique limit.

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