Arctic One Family

Stoked and glad to be part of Arctic One's family.

So happy to announce to be part of Arctic One's family as ambassador for water sport.
Arctic One aims to give opportunities to both able bodied and disabled people to enable them to “Get Involved” in Sport. In addition to this they are exploring the benefits of sport on cancer-related diseases.

With Matt Kirby, Arctic One founder we will work to support adaptive people to join sport such as Wakeboarding, surfing and SUP in collaboration with Wakeupdocklands and Urban-Recovery both managed by Jason Bergin.
We wil start really soon to run events to allow everyone to try these experiences and begin part of this adventure to live a limitless life.

If you are interested to try send me an email or write me on Facebook.
Looking forward to starting this season and meet new people in the water.

Fabio Secci | Story Challenge from fabio secci on Vimeo.

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