California, here I come! ISA World Championship


California I am coming!
Yes! As many of you already know I am part of the Italian team at the International Surfing Adaptive Championship in California.

It is such a good news and at the same time unexpected but I believe dreams come true when you keep fighting for them.

I am going there with many goals, above all to represent my land Sardinia and Italy, to represent the adaptive people, to help the sport to get what it deserves for everyone, to meet new people, to face a new limit and to attend to my first surfing competition.

I do not mind the result but I will give my 200 % to ride every single wave with my heart, memories, passion and determination, the same things I always bring with me during each ride.

I would like to give a big thank you to all the people who supported me during this step forward, such as:
Jamil Reyes
The Escape Surf School
Marco Avari and the Digital Orthopedie 4.0

I am going there to bring back more positive vibes and charge every single wave for you.
It is online the crowdfunding page we created to support the team along this journey, please share it and make possible this dream:

See you in California dudes.

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