Behind a limitless life – Marco Avaro’s interview

Interview with Marco Avaro from Laboratorio Ortopedico - Pordenone (Italy)

Behind a limitless life, there are not only trainings but also people like Marco Avaro from the Laboratorio Ortopedico, who with passion and effort are contributing to make real dreams.

Behind a limitless life - Marco Avaro Interview from fabio secci on Vimeo.

This interview aims to:

> Open the eyes and describe all the effort there is behind the work to create the extension (prosthetics), to make this elements a piace of art, resistant, dynamic and high performance.
> Invite people to love theirselves and find the harmony, the harmon that everyone need to face the different challenges in the life
Be a message of hope, a brightness along the long path full of challenges where it is always really important keep positive mindset.
> be a message for the organisation, government to improve the current processes, listening a bit more the people and their needs.

From my side, from our side with Marco we want to give hope and a message to change..
Change also from the bottom, from us, in our daily life..
Live and love your limitless life

Thanks Marco for your amazing job and effort, you make all this possible
Thanks @Alessandro Murgia for all your passione to make these memories and moments shareable and special.

Give me a shout if you are curious to know more about my extension and the amazing work of Marco.

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