Discovering the world under our feet with PorzioGroup



2018 started with a memorable experience around Italy discovering a new world under our feet.

This weekend I had the chance to get dirty around beautiful places in Italy, places under our feet by 60-70mt that most of time we do not think exist.

The event has been organise by Marco Avaro, PorzioGroup and the Guide Speleologiche Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
Few hours out of the world, no phones, connections, social network but only our crazy and lovely team focus on discover sides of caves, stones, animals.
Few hours supporting each other across the different steps to get till the end of this journey, crawling, going down holes, going up stones.
All surrounded by different lights, colours, temperature. Well, something physically and mentally out of mind.

We were not adaptive, not disable people with a bunch of volunteers.

WE were a strong team
who was aiming to push boundaries and enjoy every single moment together.

I never had the chance to try before this experience for fear of height or small spaces but the energy of all the people around gave me the strength to try something new... and definitely I loved it.

The weekend gave the chance to meet new people, with different stories, adventures, challenges, with an unique common point:

Unlock the physical and mental boundaries.

People who had the energy to transform each single life's challenges in leverage to change their life in better.

And I believe they did not only changed their life... but many others around them.
The persuasion through the energies and smiles around has been so contagious and empowered everyone to do something new and out of our ideas and expectations.

A big thanks to PorzioGroup, Marco Avaro and everyone behind this first event.

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