End of this experience


End of this incredibile experience at the ISA Adaptive World Championship 2017.

It has been a great pleasure share these days with this team that has been demonstrated day by day, feeling, team effort, support, collaboration.

Elements that do not make only different the journey but that put the pillars for the next steps.
This year has been great for many reasons:

> We covered two new categories, prono assisted with Lorenzo Bini and Visual impaired with Matteo Fanchini
> We came here with a strong organisation lead by the Fisw, Mirco Babini and Sergio Cantagalli.
> We got Max Mattei in final in the prono category, he won a medal too.
> We got almost Matteo Fanchini in final in the visual impaired category
> We got almost Lorenzo Bini in his first experience qualified for the semifinal
> We achieved the tenth position in the national ranking
> We had the honour to see for the first time ever the Woman category
> We met new people from different part of the world and share ideas, dreams, plans
> We discussed and support the next step for the classification

What else... I believe this is going to change the future of the surfing in Italy that will open some new doors and opportunities for the sport.

Thanks to everyone was here and at home, cheering and believing in this team.
We won more than a tenth place this year, we are coming back home with the energy to build a strong and competitive team.

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