First attempt wakeboarding behind a boat

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As you know, I love to face new challenges and try new sports.
This time I have tried wakeboarding with a boat.

There are many differences respect cable wakeboarding, timing to jump, to stand up, to react when the boat is turning, the way you handle the cable, so many things

to keep in mind and put in place.

I tried this experience at the Heron Lake, a beautiful place where Access Adventure has their training location.

Access Adventure made the weekend fabulous, warm and I can definitely say “I felt like home”.

People there were always ready to support you during the learning process, to cheer for up, to share tips.



I rode few times and enjoy all of this weekend where a part of learning more about wakeboarding and start to love this variation but 

the most important has been meeting new people who gave me the motivation to keep pushing hard.

People who shared with me their experiences after some events that changed their lives completely, lives that even with less mobility have no limits.

What I really learned is that:

You are the real champion, you can decide to bring your life back and face, fight, smile at this new life without losing the positive

vibes and the energy inside you.

Because it is your energy, your successes that can make stronger others like me.

Thanks to be as you are! A real champion.

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