Humberto Gurmilán and my podcast

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Humberto Gurmilan and my podcast
Change your attitude and change your life, a podcast about my story.

On Monday 9th January I had the pleasure to have an interview with Humberto Gurmilán, Humberto hosts the Overcome Podcast.
A program that aims to inspire and motivate people, changing their attitude and their life.
A different vision through life stories full of passion, adventures, challenges, motivation.

We chilly out for around 45 minutes without stop, also if we had a different time frame (almost 9 hour between California and London) but I really enjoyed every single minute taking with him, he is really an amazing dude.
We talked about many things, my life in Sardinia, in London, my dreams and passions, my strengths and weakness, some suggestions regarding how I am trying to live my limitless life and how I am trying to combine my daily routine at work with my dreams.

I tried to be as much as I could opened with Humberto and with all the people were listen and will listen this podcast, hope I left my message and motivation to everyone.

Thanks Humberto to invite me and give the opportunity to share my story and dream.
Here the article from his website and the podcast.

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Fabio Secci does not believe in limits

Fabio Secci is always cheerful and motivated and you would never know he has physical limitations. His energy and positive attitude are contagious and just spending a minute talking with him could change your life. He does not believe in limits and he will convince you that neither should you. Today, Fabio is a professional in the United Kingdom working in the field of marketing, but his passion lies in adaptive extreme sports.
In episode 20 of The Overcome Podcast, Fabio Secci recounts his experiences growing up in Italy with his physical limitations and the struggles he one faced. Very candidly he shares his journey and the moment when he realized that all limits are mental and how he decided to live his life after that. Secci is now an athlete and with his personal project, he hopes to introduce adaptive surfing and adaptive wakeboarding to people in his community.
Listen in as Fabio Secci talks about his journey and how you can eliminate your limits.

So Humberto! for you a challenge... I know you are thinking to attend next year at the World Championship!
and I want to see you surfing next time and why not! Maybe this August at the Hawaii.
I am looking forward to hugging and cheering together, Aloha my friend.

Humberto Gurmilán is an accomplished Emmy Award-winning journalist and producer. He currently works for Spanish network Telemundo and now hosts the Overcome Podcast. Humberto is also the founder of The Gurmilan Foundation a non-profit organization that serves people with disabilities in San Diego and Tijuana. En Español Hacks Motivacionales
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