International Surfing World Championship 2016 – Team Italy

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International Surfing World Championship 2016 - Team Italy improved the general team ranking from 18 to 12 position.

The 11th December finished the Adaptive World Championship which involved Team Italy with Fabio Secci, Fabrizio Passetti and Massimiliano Mattei.

Brazil won the gold medal, demonstrating massive determination and passion.

22 countries, 75 athletes from all over the world and a second edition that has grown numerically and mediately.
Many of the countries (some of them taking part for first time there like Japan, Chile, Peru) brought different experiences, projects and ideas of how bring this dream forward, the same dream all athletes have, helping surfing to grow as a sport.

Team Italy arrived this year representing in two different categories, with Fabrizio and Fabio competing in the Standing/Kneeling Category and Massimiliano competing in Prone.


Team Italy improved the general team ranking moving from the 18 of the past year to the 12 position.
A fantastic result for the team that brings a bit of bright light for the future.

The results for single athlete:

Fabrizio Passetti 17 of 25
Fabio Secci 21 of 25
Massimilliano Mattei 7 of 8

Here all the result of the ISA World Championship 2016

Team Italy has also been involved in different meeting to discuss about the future of Surfing and the vision for the Paralympics.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Surf Clinic, to help and support adaptive children to catch their first waves.
It was such an amazing experience to see these young generation overcome their limits. Through their eyes and passion I could see the hope and the positivity this world needs.


After the competition I had the chance to share my first experience at a world championship and my thoughts about the future of the surf in Europe doing few interviews for US, Argentina and Spain. I hope my voice will help countries and organisations to start investing on this sport and make it accessible for everyone.

I have a mission now for the next months, I would like to organise the first surfing competition / event in a wave park, something I believe could encourage many countries to get involved and take part in this sport.

Team Italy would love to say a big thank you to everyone for supporting this dream.
From Marco Avaro, l'Eclipse Surfboard and coach Howard Keliinoi, Fisurf, ArcticOne, Wipeout, Alps.

Here you can find all the video events of the competitions.


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