My extension, a mix of harmonies


A new leg, a mix of harmonies. Describe the mix of emotions that this new prosthetic (that I prefer to call "my extension") gave me, it is unbelievable.

I was lucky to have the chance to see Marco Avaro in his amazing laboratory while he was working on this new piece of art.

A part of appreciated the Marco's humanity and the experience, I really loved to understand what there is behind my extension, all the art-craft's work, the passion and the knowledge that allow Marco to help other people to "live a second life".

Also if I am using my prosthetic since I was 1 year old, I never had the opporunity to see all these creation phases, this experience helped me to appreciated more the result and figure out that there are not only machines behind this work but most of it comes from the hands and the dirty and precise processes.

A mix of lines, colours, shapes that make that strong and flexible.


A form of art that deserves to be highlighted for what it is " A part of your body, your extension".

I know that sometimes it is not easy accept yourself but at the end of this long journey you will learn to love yourself as you are.

"Nobody is perfect or imperfect but everyone is unique.

Live your life without hiding your imperfections because these make you a different person".


I want to say thank you to Marco, the Digital Orthopaedic 4.0 and Alps for all the amazing effort, job, products.

Watch a quick chat with myself, Marco and In coda al gruppo by Alberto Francescut.

( Gazzetta dello Sport)

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@photocredit : Alessandro Murgia

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