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milan design week - posthuman
A contribution at the Milan Design week to talk about Posthuman

Event's Manifesto
We live in an age in which the traditional idea of humanism is increasingly being transformed, putting up for discussion or quickly cancelling our idea of progress and development.
What has always guided our system of values and our individual and collective perspectives seems to be no longer certain or anchored to a shared social and cognitive reality.
Technology has become a prosthesis and the environment that surrounds us and permeates every level of our perception, communication and action, camouflaging nature and artifice. It is a time when the inorganic and the artificial are creating new hybrid species, consisting of robots, machines, algorithmic agents, networks, data, biochemistry and genetics. A wealth of artificial and autonomous intelligence capital that is feeding a imminent new post-human forms that will gradually become a central part of our everyday lives.

The future that we can no longer imagine is already here.

It has been a pleasure to be selected as contributor for the Posthuman when technology embeds society exhibition and talk about the impact of technology in our world for an adaptive person.
A bit thanks to Logotel that made this possible.

I tried to give my point of view as adaptive athlete and customer experience regarding How technology changed and is consistency changing our life, supporting difficult life situations and making better in some case complex reality.

Technology is also supporting athletes to increase performances and achieve next levels.
In this age, Technology is important but we need to keep in mind that it can be real without the human effort, background and intelligente.
We are the mind and the technology is only a way to achieve specific result, optimise processes and improve work and social environments.

We need always to keep in mind that and does not allow technology to replace entirely our prescence, efforts and passion.

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