Sardinia trip in December


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It is always lovely back in my land and have the opportunity to training and enjoy time with family & friends.

Few months ago I went in Sardinia, my land to visit my parents and find some waves with friends!
Unlucky we did not find waves but I got the chance to training for my first triathlon and wakeboarding a bit at OasiWake.

A quick video summary about the experience and the Alps Sleeve review (sorry for my confusion talking half English & half Italian, Damned).

Intervista Pre Triathlon from fabio secci on Vimeo.Video by @Alessandro Murgia


Swimming Sella del Diavolo Sardinia

Running session in Sardinia

Fabio Secci @ Oasi Wake Park


I got also the chance to try the new ALPS sleeve and find some good performance's results, this product is helping a lot to increase the hours in the water because keep dry the leg and keep the water outside the prosthetic.Also this allow running and cycling to keep the right pressure between leg and prosthetic not reducing the movements and flexibility.

Alps Sleeve

I found a really good weather there, sunny days and amazing vibes as usual.
Well, I can not say I do not miss my land and everything around.
Pictures by @Alessandro Murgia


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