Shaun T in London | A dream come true.

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I do not know how long I have been waiting for this moment but finally here you are.
A Dream come true.

The 24th of September I had the pleasure to meet face to face Shaun T, the person who a few years ago helped me to start a different life journey.
A journey where I realised that no matter which kind of limits you have to overcome, you can fight to improve yourself and make your life better.

A few years ago, I lost 25KG in around 60 days following Insanity and after T25.
First of all, losing all those Kgs has been hard to believe but the motivation and
the determination to achieve the result gave me back a huge satisfaction that I remember when I need to push hard.



I don't think that with prosthetic or not, I can not push over my next level.
I need to do it to keep me alive.
This is the video I recorded during the training session with Shaun T.
I hope other people will find this a reason to get up from the sofa, change their mindset, start believing in themselves and push hard
to achieve their goals.

Be strong, "You are your unique limit".

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