Tell a story at the shore | Cagliari – Sardinia

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The 26th December, a day to remember for Fyourlimit project.

This is the day, the day of the first ever Fyourlimit’s project in Sardinia, the day that I hope will be the being of a new chapter for the sport in Sardinia and Italy.

The event’s concept was really easy: beach, sand, sun, towel, friends and a story, starting from the experience of the International Surfing World Champions where I represented for the first time Italy.

The story of a life, the adaptive life. A life always chasing new challenges, challenges that keep me alive every day.

The story of a personal project Fyourlimit that want to inspire and motivate other people to push over their limits and transform their weakness in kickers to go higher.
“We are our limit” and "positive mindset", these were the simple messages I hope I left there.

I loved share some of the next steps of the project in collaboration with many other people and organisations.
Together we can definitely change day by day, step by step this path.

At this event, next to me there were Benedetta Capai who is running a parallel project codes Disabili Sportivi Sardegna and Federica Perra, she will join me in Fyourlimit giving a new fresh point of view for a new section coming up.

Below a short video to highlight the amazing moment at the Poetto, where with around 30 people we shared and started a new amazing journey, a dream.. to live a limitless life

Racconto in riva al mare | 26 Dicembre Poetto - La Palmette from fabio secci video by Alessandro Murgia.

It has been a long week full of meeting, sport, events and moment with new friends, i can not say I loved each moment.

These are giving me the energy to keep to believe in this dream, the energy to keep going.. going to reach a next level.

Sardinia, Italy, the World need our passion and storie because only together we can do it..
Thanks everyone who attend at this first event at the Poetto.

As said, it has been only one of the many initiatives I want to bring with other people here.
Aloha and keep the positive vibes


Some shoot of the event at Le Palmette, Cagliari -Sardinia

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