Just frame and a story


Just a frame to talk about a story, a challenge that started a few months ago and that left as many challenges do a sign.

The story of my first Triathlon, an event not only physically demanding but also mentally and emotionally.

A challenge that helped me to understand again that everyone can go over their limits with determination and ability to listen to other people for support.

Because sometimes challenges are not overcome alone but with the support of other people.

My 400 m swimming was tough and I went forward thanks the support of many people cheering and shouting, talking in the water next to me cm after cm. 
Special thanks to the angel in the kayak.

Out of the water again many people cheering and shouting and special person, Sara looking at me and giving me all her love. All you need is the energy to go ahead for the next step (cycling 10 km and running 2.5 Km).

Final result:

Tota time: 58:79 m
24:35 Swimming | 400 metri
18:12 Cycling | 10 km
16:32 Running | 2.5 Km

The most important things are not the numbers but winning the the mentally and emotionally challenges.

I have learnt before that physical limits or not, your mind, your passion, your dreams and determination are the key to achieve your goals.

The fear to fail makes us weak but the reality is, fail helps all us to figure out what we need to improve.

The fear to fail is normal, it is part of routine but if we share it with someone, it can make everyone stronger.

Emotions make us all human and unique, allowing us to make amazing things, out of the normal.

I would like to share all the emotions I have been trough along this path but it is not always easy to open yourself up. 
I hope these few words will help someone to feel what this challenge was for me.

Writing down a few lines can always help to conceptualise the main points and to focus on the next steps.

Live a limitless life, don't be scared to fail.
Try to go away from your comfort zone because it will help you to appreciate more yourself and all the things around you.

At the end, life is like a story, full of challenges, emotions to share and from which we learn.

A massive thank you to all the people that spent their day cheering for all the athletes, keeping up the positive energy and staying with them until the finish line.

Thanks to Arctic One, Alps Italy, Porzio Group, Marco Avaro.

Some Shoots and video of the training, thanks Sara and Alessandro Murgia to capture these moments.

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