Van trip France and Spain


Pass the handle

9 days in a van trip around France & Spain coasts.

For some summer holidays we went for a Van trip around the coats of France and Spain.
A bunch of miles from Cherbourg to Santander, surrounded by unreliable landscape, color, great food and vibes.

And why note, small waves around and let's take the chance to enjoy these with my new toy.
Got the time to try the switch between 8ft to 6.8 board.
Really loved it, the full & Case board made easier the approach and after few sessions I started to have confidence with that.
Great way to start some training for a bunch of surfing competitions coming up.

Sunny and raining days made each single day a new adventure and as all the adventure.. the end of another van trip chapter.
So! looking forward to another trip soon!

Some shoots of the trip.

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