Who I Am


Name: Fabio Secci
Sport lover: Wakeboarding, surfing, wakesurfing, triathlon, SUP.
Age: 35
Nationality: Italian
Current location: London (UK)
Kind of disability: 17cm limb reduction in the left leg
No matter what is your physical limit, just go for it and
Live and love your limitless life.

Hi! I'm Fabio 35 years old, a stubborn prosthetic leg guy who is trying to help the sport to grow and get what it deserves to be for everyone.
I was born with a 17cm limb reduction in my left leg and starting to use the prosthetic made easier to adapt myself to different challenges.

Born close to Sardinia’s beaches, I have always been inside the water enjoying the vibes and the nature.
Sport has always been part of my Adaptive life as it also is my prosthetic which has never meant a limit but a way to face challenges and a way to learn something new about myself.
I have learned that the real limit is in my mind and I have applied this approach to surfing and wakeboarding, which I have completely fallen in love with.
A mix of emotions that only the water sports can give you through lights, colours and energy that makes different every session.

I believe in sport not only as simple activities but as a life style.
It means loving the water and all the moments shared with friends and people who may be strangers, yet people who look after each other.

All shoots in action

As part of my mission I have decided to tell a story, my story...
A story that want to inspire and motivate other people to follow my path and live and love a limitless life.
And it is here that comes Fyourlimit project, a project that aims to introduce water sports and other but most aims to spread a message to live the life in harmony with yourself, your body, your extensions.
A life always looking for new challenges from which you will learn new things every day.

With the help of other Partners, Friends and Sponsors I am currently working to make all these real and achievable for everyone,the starting point will be providing equipments, creating a campus and different demo events around UK and Italy.

So, stay in touch and let's help the sport to grow and get what it deserves to be for everyone.

Take a look at my projects:

Water Sport UK Water Sport Sardinia

If you want to have a chat, write me a message!